Genetic Services, Products and Corporate Strategy Solutions

Our Mission

Empower individuals with preventative wellness and lifestyle solutions informed by science.

Facilitate access to the best available guided interpretation of their data by healthcare professionals.

We believe everyone should own and control their data.

Genetic Testing

GPH also facilitates access to genetic testing services performed at CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratories located within the United States.

This is a Physician ordered test. We also facilitate access to the best available Physician supervised, Analysis and Reporting tools that allows for guided interpretation of your data by a healthcare professional.

To ensure both Privacy and Security your complete genome is made available exclusively to you in HIPAA compliant cloud storage in a .txt file format.

You own and control your genetic data.

Apps Platforms

You have the option of using you data on the increasing number of open (verse closed and proprietary) HIPAA compliant Apps platforms.

These platforms can be thought of as the early App stores for genetic data that can provide additional valuable information, personalization options, as well as access to ongoing updates allowing you to stay informed about new discoveries that are relevant to you.

HIPAA Compliant Storage Solutions

Genome data is big data, with files sizes of approximately 150 GB for an entire personal genome.

We provide access to very low cost HIPAA and Privacy Shield compliant storage with high speed upload and download capabilities.

Corporate Solutions

Custom Apps or even a complete branded Apps platform can be developed working with the best available industry partners.

We provide long term solutions for a seamless upgrade path solutions from less expensive genetic tests to whole genome sequencing for your employees.

Complete concierge whole genome sequencing and analysis/reporting programs are available for key executives.

Product Personalization Strategies

If your company is considering a long term genetic or genomic personalized product strategy, including the opportunity for ongoing customer engagement through custom Apps, and you would like to learn more please Contact Us.


We currently work with strategic partners in China, South Korea, Japan, Europe, Australia and Canada. If your country is not listed and you would like learn more about partnering, please Contact Us.

Citizen Science

The web was the catalyst that took us from no relationship with data to our smartphone based lifestyles. Sequencing our genome takes us from no relationship with our personal biology to having a baseline for increasingly sophisticated health and wellness road maps.

Individuals getting their genome sequenced will be the catalyst for a preventative health and wellness citizen scientist trend we can only begin to imagine. Science is becoming more accessible to more curious people, and as the community of citizen scientists grows, then research projects can grow and become wider reaching than ever.

We stay current, if you would like to stay current as well please Contact Us and let us know what topics you are most interested in the Comments section.